Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chechclear Video

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Please exercise extreme caution in viewing this video. It's been on the Net for quite some time, though it is said to be often hard to find nowadays.

The US military reportedly showed this video to soldiers heading over to Iraq to warn them about what would happen if they got captured by the enemy. A number of soldiers said that they were seriously freaked out by the video. We have reports of people who have been haunted by this video for 10 years now.

Watch at your own risk.

Chechclear is one of the most horrible videos ever made available on the Web. It involves the execution of a Russian soldier during the Chechen War.

There is a lot of controversy about it.

Chechens say he was a mercenary, and that is why he was killed, but there are other versions of the story saying he was a regular soldier. It took place in 1996 in Chechnya. Some say that the man being beheaded is Yevgeny Rodionov, age 18, but this is not true..

Word is that the man's throat was cut by Khattab, the famous Saudi jihadi who fought with the Chechens until he was killed by a poison letter. However, there is no proof of this.

Others say that the killer is actually Salautdin Temirbulatov. Photo here, and that the chechclear execution is one of three carried out that day by Temirbulatov. His men supposedly captured the four mercenaries outside the town of Komsomolskoye on April 12, 1996. There is said to be videotape of Temirbulatov questioning the four men. He is then said to have shot two of them and beheaded the third. However, there is no evidence for this either.

In truth, both the killer and the victim remain unidentified.

This video was purchased by Russian media in 1999. Channel 2 is the only station that played the media in the full version. Russian media played this video on Russian TV to make Chechens appear to be brutal maniacs and drum up support for the Chechen War.

This is the newer, edited version of chechclear that is only 16 seconds long.

There is supposedly a much longer, 5-minute, unedited version that is way worse but is either almost impossible or in fact impossible to find anymore. In that video, his captors beat and humiliate him for several minutes before they behead him. Yet another version shows the executioner kneeling on the victim's back, then beheading him, then holding the severed head up in the air and laughing. This version is also nearly or totally impossible to find.


wendy said...

omfg, the video is even more frightening than 3guys1hammer

Anonymous said...

well,,, its not from chechnya,, its from goergia,, these person is actualy a reporter who been kidnapped by former georgian primemeinister, few years ago,, and got killed by his secret sevice,, when the new pro-western prime minister acme in power,, the minister responsible for the ordering the killing ,, been said that he suicide... well thats all,,

Anonymous said...

Pretty much all of your information is incorrect or dubious, and most of it comes from the questionable research and the piecing together of various unrelated atrocities by gore forum members who are in no position to know anything about this video.

Temirbulatov, Khattab and the tooth fairy had nothing to do with this particular clip (as far as we know). They were involved in other clips in which people had their throats cut or heads removed. These videos are available online and none of them involve the chechclear victim.

When someone is captured or prosecuted for a beheading video in Chechnya gore forums almost always assume that he must have carried out chechclear. The victim is unidentified, as is his killer(s). Temirbulatov's crimes involve the execution of 6 Russian conscripts in Dagestan, which you can see in full on Live Leak.

It was an interesting read regardless. But it's largely fiction or baseless speculation.

Robert Lindsay said...

Thx anonymous, the article was fixed to incorporate your suggestions.

Kev said...

Anonymous, you're an idiot. Евгений Родионов is a national hero in Russia, and this story is well known. It's just ignorant to think you know the story (a Georgian jurno? lmao! such a vivid imagination you have!) without researching the details.

Anonymous said...

Kev, the story is well known but it has nothing to do with chechclear. It's not difficult to see that the two men don't even look alike. There is ZERO evidence to connect these people besides the fact that they were both beheaded in Chechnya, but it's not like they were the only two. is hardly in a position to investigate any of the videos it hosts, I don't know why you feel that posting a link to their explanation of the video makes a difference, they're just rehashing the same old gore forum speculation and wishful thinking. It's like asking one uninformed source to confirm another uninformed source's claims.

Chechclear's victim and killer(s) are unknown, or at least are unknown to those who have been researching it. If it was aired on Russian television presumably someone knows who he is, but I haven't found anything concrete in my 11 years of research.

Even the "White Book" which contains a large series of still frames from the clip couldn't figure out who he was, nor did any of the frames indicate that there was extra footage before or after the footage we've seen.

Anonymous said...

Khattab only had one hand. Not gonna look at this again tho

Anonymous said...

What Is the white book to which you refer

Unknown said...

Clearly you are wrong this is taken from the "white book" the last set of frames are not from any version I saw