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Four Animals One Grinder

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The first animal is a cow, the second one is a pig, the third another cow and the last a horse.

I can't believe this video. It isn't really horrible or evil like most of the others on here. It's kind of gross, but hey that's life, man. Mostly it's just incredible. It just shows what goes on at a rendering plant. Whole dead farm animals are fend into the rendering machine via lifter and then ground up by this unbelievable machine, bones, heads, hooves and all.

A lot of posts on the Net are saying that these cows are alive. It's not true. They just appear to be alive since once the grinder starts, they start moving around a lot due to the incredible force of the thing.

Another common misconception is that these animals are being ground up for human food like hot dogs.

That's not true.

These are dead animals that died on farms somewhere so they are not really fit for consumption. Some say that the result might go into animal feed (especially for chickens) or pet food, and that's not a pleasant thought (this is how Mad Cow Disease is being caused). The thought that this goes into pet food also bothers me. If it's true, that does it. I'm never going to eat dog food again.

I think usually the rendered dead animals will just go to make fertilizer, which is a harmless use of them. They also make yellow (non-vegetable) oil out of this stuff. That's used as grease for machinery. They also make soap out of this ground up Mr. Ed Puree.

People don't realize that animals die all the time on farms, especially on modern factory farms. What people never think about is, how do you get rid of dead horses, cows and pigs? You can't exactly drag them to the curb and leave them there for the garbageman. And it's kind of hard to bury them in a hole. We don't have animal graveyards for cows and horses, and incinerators don't accept them.

This is where the rendering plant comes in. I guess you sell the dead animal to the rendering plant, and they come and pick it up for you. They take it back to the plant and grind it up for Mulch N Grow or whatever. One thing you might want to know about these rendering plants is that the smell emanating from them is truly horrendous, as people who live near them attest.

The guy driving that lift must have one of the country's nastiest jobs. Can you imagine being the guy who has to clean the grinder out? If you look at that thing, it's a horrible mess.

At the end the lift tosses a horse in, and watching that sucker get ground up is pretty incredible. One thing that blew me away was the sound of this crushing machine as it ground up bones and skulls. Wow!

There's a particularly nasty segment at the second cow (2:11 in the video) where the thing lets out this massive spurt as it's being crunched up. That means that that dead cow had been decaying for a while and was getting bloated as dead animals tend to do. That's another reason why these meat is not really fit for consumption by humans.

This video has been up for a few years, but it is just starting to make the rounds in a big way around mid-August 2009.

Isn't it incredible the stuff that we can see on the Interwebs? Before Al Gore invented the Internets, how many of us ever saw a rendering plant in action?

The company that makes this sucker is out of Denmark. Just think of the tech that went into this machine. This thing is called the PB 30/60 Crusher.

A few thoughts:

Wouldn't this be a great death penalty machine? Screw this lethal injection crap. 1st degree murder? I sentence you to the Grinder! We could sell tickets r large amounts of money for spectators to watch the killers get ground up alive and use the proceeds to help fund the state so the state can spend the money to help people.

Damn I want one of these machines! Where can I buy one? I'd like to use it on some of my enemies. I would tie them up, throw them in the loader and dump them in the Grinder. Then I would charge like $1,000/head for spectators to watch, get rich and retire on the proceeds.

We should use this thing on dead humans to grind them up. That way we could save lots of graveyard space and use the future would-be graveyard space to build strip malls and Walmarts and other useful things.

Actually, I think when I die, I want to be ground up like this. We could make it like a funeral thing and all of the funeral guests could come watch me get ground up and eat popcorn and stuff. It would be a great end to my life.

After I get ground up, I would like to be canned as Robert Lindsay Chow and fed to my pet cats, assuming that I have any. If I don't have any cats, I would ask to be made into cat food, because I love cats, and this way, cats could feast on someone who really loves them. Cats have given me so much love in my life, this would be my special way of giving back!

They should have had some really brutal death metal music playing in the background of this video, don't you think?

Wouldn't it be cool to see a dead elephant or giraffe get thrown in that thing, just for fun?

In my dream world, there would be like 600 channels on cable. One of them should be the Animal Shredder Channel. That channel would just show this machine grinding animals all day. To make it more interesting, they could vary the types of animals getting ground up. I would just turn it on and leave it on for hours at a time while I do my work and whatnot, just like background you know. Except I would probably change the channel when I was eating.

There are a lot of possibilities for alternate uses for this machine.

We could take some fat White kid raised by a single Mom on Twinkies and video games and stick him underneath the machine. The meat from the ground up farm animals would fall all around him and all over him. It would land on his face, covering him.

We would have workers with shovels to shovel the meat off of him so he wouldn't get buried. He would keep his mouth open, and some of the meat would fall in. Then he would eat it. We would keep him under there, and he would get fatter and fatter. After about 10 years of that, he would be so fat that he could become the King of Germany.

We could take the ground up animals and give them to Disney. Disney could reconstitute them into humans, especially teen idols like Selena, Miley and Britney. Little would their swooning fans realize that their favorite teen star was really a ground up horse!

We could use the machine to try to solve intractable conflicts. By grinding up pigs and cows both and making movies of it and distributing it to conflict zones, possibly we could make headway in the Hindu-Muslim conflict in Kashmir.

The possibilities are endless!


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mike12570 said...

the first one was a sheep :/, and if you pay attention, you can see that it also squirts some liquid out. LMAO "fat white kid, king of Germany" too damn random. <3 Germany.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the first one is a sheep. the cow doesn't seem all that decomposed, i think the squirts are most likely from organs popping, such as the bladder, intestines and numerous stomachs.mmmmmmm. chyme.
i've seen the ground up inards of dead farm animals loads of times.
that's why i don't eat it

Anonymous said...

I want one of those.

Eploasyin said...

I am sorry to say, but these animals are alive, basically when the sheep head moved, I paused, went down, read they weren't alive and continued watching, but the cow tongue was moving licking the cows nose, which is what the cows do to keep Flies away. If someone could explain to me that it is infact, please tell me. I hope it is true and they are not alive.

Mina McKay said...

Im really glad I saw THIS version of the video because I saw the horse being ground up in a version where it was just the horse. It was an anti-horse racing video. But the video was a bit grainier and I could have sworn watching it that the horse was still alive. I was so upset at the thought of it. I mean, I still think the meat grinder is nasty...I wouldnt want to eat anything coming out of that or FEED it to my pets either. Ugh!

IndianaJohn said...

I think that the fourth animal was a hornless unicorn.

IndianaJohn said...
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Anonymous said...

U need to grow up. The grinder is a tool that is useful but the other comments that u made were un called for. It's dumb fucks like u that want to grind up people and be fed to your fucking cats that are a waste of space on earth. I am a slaughter buyer and appreciate each animal to be used to its fullest extent for the well being of the human race and you blowing your mouth off just fucks peoples heads up more by filling them with bull shit. Get a real job because obviously you are ignorant about this industry and not responsible enough to be talking about it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Are you related to Hitler?! No respect to human life?

Just so you are aware farmers are not paid for their dead animals. They have to PAY, around here
$50 per cow, $30 per sheep/goat
The guys shoot if first before hauling it onto the trailer to take it away. They use the dead animals for pet food, mink food. I know because I have worked on/currently work on several different farms and also have my own livestock. There is no WAY any farmer I know would let an animal of their be ground live.

The Dreamer Angel said...

I a with you. The video is good as a info tool, the comment is like coming from a sick person.