Sunday, May 23, 2010

Leanne Holland Death Photos

The famous Leanne Holland death photos have been published on a gore site called Viral Death. They are copyrighted by the site and cannot be republished elsewhere without violating the copyright, so we will not repost them.

Photos here.

Leanne Holland, a beautiful 12 year old girl, was murdered in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, in 1991. A man who lived with her family at her home, Graham Stafford, was arrested and convicted of the crime on what seemed to be good evidence at the time. He served 15 years, proclaiming his innocence the whole time.

He was finally released on appeal by a judge who decided that he was likely innocent. Based on new evidence, it appears that Stafford is innocent of the crime and the killer instead was another man, known by Leanne, who lived nearby.

He was an informant in the case and may have killed another 12 year old girl in the area two weeks later. He had crime scene photos of the death scene and his daughter is now accusing him of committing the crime. His daughter also said that he tortured her as a young girl in the same way that this girl was tortured.

Leanne had been tortured to death, in some cases sexually, by the killer. The killer was apparently a sexual sadist. The photos have caused a lot of controversy and a lot of people want them taken down. They have not yet been removed.

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