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No Mercy for Russians!

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This is one of the sickest, most messed up videos I've ever seen. I watched it once all the way through and I've seen bits of it since, but I don't think I can watch it clear through again.

WARNING! This video has very gruesome content! Extreme viewer discretion is advised! If you think you are going to get upset or worse by this video, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT watch it !

Bad reactions have been reported by those watching this video. So far, nausea (lasting up to an entire day), fear, rage, feeling disturbed and upset (in one case for months), inability to stop thinking about the video, flashbacks, facial flushing, shivering, chills, vomiting, nearly fainting, neck pains, crying, and depression (lasting up to a few days) have been reported. Psychiatric emergencies, lasing up to 24 hours, have occurred. One person said they will never be the same after watching this. Another was so traumatized by this video that they nearly had to go see a therapist.

Hospitalizations have occurred due to this video. When it was first shown on Dagestani TV, several people were admitted to the hospital with heart problems after watching the video. All were apparently released later.

If you think you are going to have a bad reaction, please reconsider whether you really want to watch this.

I am posting this video because it is related to the neo-Nazi beheading video that created such a storm on the Internets.

A much more important question is why the Russian neo-Nazis chose to execute the first man by (an admittedly botched) beheading. The answer lies in this video. Although most Americans know nothing of these videos, they were widely released in Russia, probably around the time they were shot.

One very famous video, chechclear, was shot in 1996 at the end of the first Chechen War.

The video above was shot on September 5, 1999, when a Chechen rebel group of 200 men raided from Chechnya across the border into Dagestan. A contingent of this group, numbering about 40, found a village, Tuhchar, or Tuhcharom, that was guarded by 13 poorly-trained Russian conscripts. Various sites on the Web claim that this group was led by named Salautdin Temirbulatov (photo), but that does not appear to be the case.

Instead, Temirbulatov is the man who beheaded the unknown Russian conscript in the famous chechclear clip.

This group was actually led by Emir Umar Karpinski, associated with the Basayev and Khattab factions.

Clearly outnumbered, seven of the 13 managed to run away and hid in the village, but another six were captured.

Five of them were beheaded*; a sixth got up and tried to run away but he was shot dead. The sixth one was a 17 year old, and the rebels offered him the charming choice of converting to Islam or being killed. He refused to convert and was then shot.

Here is the audio, translated from the Russian and Chechen dialogue, from the section of the tape dealing with one victim, Aleksey Lipatov, who pled for his life, and was then murdered:

Russian prisoner, just a kid, is lying on the grass....

Chechen with knife: "Turn around."

Kid moves a bit sideways...

Chechen off-camera: "LIE DOWN!"

Chechen takes the knife out and bends towards the kid...

Lipatov: "You don't have to cut me...I'll tell you everything..."

Chechen with knife: "What are you gonna tell me?"

Chechen off-camera: "Go ahead, talk..."

Lipatov: "I'll tell you where it's located."

Chechen off-camera: "Where is it located?"

Lipatov points towards a hill with houses: "There, in that house."

Chechen with knife: "What?"

Chechen off-camera: "What is in that house?"

Lipatov: "Weapons and ammo."

Chechen with knife: "Where? In that house?" Points.

Lipatov: "Yes from there."

Chechen with knife looks at his comrade.

Chechen off-camera: "He's lying..."

Chechen off-camera: "Lie on the ground."

Chechen with knife: "What else can you tell us?"

Chechen off-camera: "Where are the weapons?"

Lipatov: "What?"

Chechen off-camera: "The weapons and the ammo."

Lipatov: "On the top of the mountain."

Chechen with knife: "Where?"

Lipatov: "There on top." Points.

Chechen with knife: "Are you sure?"

Lipatov: "Yes, yes."

AK shots fired...Chechen with knife backs off and doesn't want to cut him...feels sorry for the kid:

"What do you want me to do?" in Chechen.

Chechen off-camera: "Just cut him."

Lipatov: "There, it's right there." Points.

Chechens yell: "Leave him alone and come back!"

A bunch of them yell at once. Gunshots fired from AK.

Chechens keep yelling: "Leave him alone...come back already." (They are referring to the other kid that ran.)

Chechen with the knife: "Turn around."

Chechen: "Take off your belt."

Chechens off-camera: "Come on, cut him up."

Lipatov: "You don't have to."

Chechen off-camera: "Just cut 'im up already."

Lipatov: "You don't have to, please..."

Chechen scum hits him with the belt.

Chechen: "All right, come on!"

Chechen with Adidas jacket: "Hands back!"

Lipatov: "Please don't."

Chechen (Adidas): "Hands back!"

Chechen (Adidas) hits Lipatov in the face: "I said hands back!!"

Lipatov gets hit with an AK.

Chechen off-camera: "Quickly, quickly."

Lipatov: "Please, let's talk..."

Chechen with camera: "HANDS BACK! You fuck."

Chechen: "Fuck the belt."

Rifle hits the kid.

Chechen off-camera: "Just fucking cut him already!"

Lipatov: "Please, I don't want to."

They wrestle.

Lipatov screams: "I DON'T WANT TO DIE! PLEASE!"

Chechens: "Cut him."

Lipatov cries.

Lipatov: "I DON'T WANT TO DIE, PLEASE!! You are very good people, please!"

Cameraman: "Yes, we are very, very good people...THE BEST."

Chechen: "Get the knife."

Chechen punches the kid in the head a few times.

Chechen with the knife: "Stop fucking hitting him."

Cameraman: "You're gonna live in Grave City."

Lipatov: "MOMMY! MOMMY!"

Cameraman: "Torture him."

Lipatov: "I WANT TO LIVE!"

Cameraman, sarcastically: "He wants to live!"

Lipatov screams...3 on 1, the Chechens attack him.

Lipatov: "Come on fellows...I just want to live."

Chechen: "CUT HIM NOW."

Lipatov: "Leave me alone!"

A Knife goes through Lipatov's throat. Lipatov kneels while getting butted in the head with an AK.

Chechen with knife to the guy with the AK: "What the fuck are you doing? Fuck off."

Chechen with knife: "I'll do this myself!"

A Chechen cuts Lipatov's neck, stabs him in the neck...over and over and over...Lipatov is dead.

A few months later, the group was decimated in a Russian-Chechen operation. Two Special Forces groups took place in the operation, the recently disbanded Chechen Vostok Brigades from the puppet Chechen government, and Russian Spetznatz Special Forces. The video released by the Chechens was used as evidence against those who committed the crime in order to track them down. Some say they were killed in Russian aerial bombings.

All of the Chechens seen in this video were killed sooner or later, so everyone you see in this video is dead.

This video is in four or five parts, and this is apparently part four or five. This video goes by various names around the Net, and it is usually found on a Russian forum, but all the commentary is in Russian. It goes by names like Dagestan, Dagestan Massacre, Execution of 6 Russian Conscripts in Dagestan, Rebels Brutally Execute Soldiers in Eastern Europe, Chechnian Beasts, etc.

This particular video, though shot in 1999, seems to have only made it onto the web in a significant way about July 2007, a year ago.

Anyway, these videos were released on the Net and widely viewed by the Russian public. This served to arouse even more rage against the Chechens, especially due to the fact that these guys were conscripts. Chechen apologists argue that Russian conscripts have done all sorts of terrible things to Chechens, both fighters and civilians.

They also say that this was just one commander and doesn't reflect the views of others.

That's probably true, but none of that avoids the conclusion that these wars, which started out being relatively fairly fought, are now descending into unspeakable brutality on both sides. Chechen apologists say that this is what happens to you when you lose your whole family, or at least some members, to the Russian military.

There's probably hardly a Chechen family that has not had a relative killed or brutalized by the Russians. The logical consequence is a bunch of guys with mountains of rage and nothing to lose, combined with an increasing emphasis on radical Islam. The horrible Beslan School Siege was also an expected outcome of this Hellish war.

The Chechens have also blown up some airliners full of civilians. Prior to the school siege, some Chechen women in suicide vests, all war widows and clearly distraught, staged a hostage crisis in a Moscow movie theater. It ended with Russian agents storming the place and spraying knockout gas into the theater, killing a number of hostages.

Tony Ward's The Case For Chechnya, from the New Left Review, is highly recommended and sums up my position. Despite the horrible descent into terrorism (to be honest, on both sides) the Chechen cause of national liberation should still be supported.

Sadly, the Russians have killed most of the more moderate leaders, most recently Aslan Maskhadov, who was actually a reasonable fellow. But even Maskhadov had been getting more militant as the horrific war dragged on.

The Russians never had a right to conquer Chechnya in the first place, and it took them about 60 years to conquer the place - they started around 1805 and finally defeated the Chechens around 1863. During this period, Shamil was the legendary Chechen commander. Even then, Chechens never accepted Russian rule (which was originally mostly just nominal) and there were repeated rebellions, even during the Soviet Era.

When the Nazis invaded Russia, many Chechens, along with most of the other people of the Caucasus, went over to the Nazis, not due to a love of Nazism, but because Hitler cynically promised them independence, although we should also note that many people of the Caucasus did fight for the USSR.

Whether Hitler was really going to give them independence is much in doubt, as Hitler used this same ruse with the Ukrainians, and they were clearly intended to be genocided in Generalplan Ost, not given independence at all.

In 1944, Stalin reacted to this with fury, deporting whole ethnic communities on trains away from the front near the Caucasus. Conditions on the trains were horrible, with little food or water available. Whether this was intentional or not is not known, but many Chechens - men, women and kids - died en route to Siberia.

When the Chechens were finally allowed to come back over a decade later from the labor camps (where they were reportedly the most rebellious spirits of them all) they found that much of their property had been taken over by their Christian neighbors.

This is part of the homicidal backdrop to the seizure of the North Ossetian Beslan School by Chechen and Ingush terrorists. Christian North Ossetians had seized much of the Ingush's property during the decade in which they were deported along with the Chechens. Memories are long in this part of the world.

Although the war has tapered off considerably with the installation of a new pro-Moscow government in Chechnya, it continues to sputter on. There are only about 8,000 Russian troops in Chechnya, down from 60,000 as late as 2005. There are probably about 2,000 guerrillas still running around in the mountains.

Most Chechens are probably still pro-independence. In recent years, fighting has spread across the whole of the North Caucasus to Dagestan, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia. There have also been many attacks in Southern Russia just north of the Caucasus.

What does all this have to do with the neo-Nazi beheading? As I said, those beheading videos aroused immense nationalist rage in a wide spectrum of Russian society (The Russian peace movement to end the Second Chechen War is very small, unpopular and often persecuted) and clearly it drove the ultranationalists into a frenzy.

The videos and the war itself probably drove the whole ultranationalist movement, giving them fire and legions of new members. In the communiqué attached to the Russian neo-Nazi video, the group demanded that all Caucasian natives be thrown out of the Caucasus and that the Caucasus then be granted independence. They also demand that all people of the Caucasus and "Asians" be thrown out of Russia proper.

Seeing how whipped up and crazy Russian Slavs got over these videotaped beheadings, I'm sure that the Russian neo-Nazis in their famous video beheaded Shamil Odamanov, a Muslim and a Dagestani (from the Caucasus) as retaliation for the beheadings of Russian conscripts by Chechen Muslim Caucasian guerrillas.

Otherwise, I'm not aware that Nazis had much a thing for beheadings. It's pretty much a Muslim thing, and their preference for it goes all the way back to Mohammad (It was his favorite way to kill people).

It's kind of sad that people are so worked up at the Chechens for chopping POW's heads off. To the dead person, it really doesn't matter how he died.

The Russians regularly murdered all sorts of Chechens in cold blood - 12 year old boys, relatives of rebels, on and on. They did sweeps through whole parts of the country, rounded up every male of fighting age and sent them to camps where they were tortured, often to death. There are mass graves all over the country, and some estimates are that Russia has killed 20% of the population.

For this reason, many young Chechen males joined the rebels because they figured the Russians were going to come after them sooner or later anyway.

This is an interesting discussion of these beheading videos, comparing them to child porn and asking why child porn is illegal to so much as look at it, but this stuff is not, considering that brutal homicide is arguably worse than child sex abuse.

*In this video, the Chechens are laughing, carrying on and yelling "Allahu Akbar!" the whole time. They slowly slit the soldiers' throats halfway, so the victims remain alive and suffering for some time.

Even with their throats partway cut, some are still moving around, trying to crawl, flopping around on the ground, moving their heads around, wiping their eyes and making weird noises out of what's left of their vocal tracts. The victims' are screaming, "Stop! Let me go!" in Russian.


Alan said...

I recently saw the video of the massacre of an elderly man in a forest with a hammer and a screwdriver and I thought I handled it well and that there couldn't be much worse on the net.
My reaction to the full unedited version of this was one of deep, deep, deep, deep sadness. Young BOYS being murdered by grown men consumed with bullshit religious rage. I'm very sad at the minute as I am 19 and cannot imagine the fear that was inflicted on these men. I hope that their families had the foresight not to view this as it would plunge them into a hole of grief that not even the sturdiest of minds could not emerge with any sort of sanity.

Robert Lindsay said...

Yeah, that video is messed up as Hell man. Damn it's just evil. I only watched it a couple of times and I cannot see it anymore.

Anonymous said...

People are evil by nature and cannot be trusted on any level.

Anonymous said...

omg that is absolutly disgusting. extrmely satanic and inhumane, letting them crawl off like that. i wont say anymore...

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe this is real. I know it's real, but it hardly feels so. You know what i mean. This still looks to me a series of long-take gory scenes from b-rate war film or something.

I think that some of you guys reading this hasn't watched the video yet. Then you'r lucky. DO NOT watch this. This is not just a gory entertainment. OK let's admit it. SOME real-life gory vid/pics are entertaining. I know. It's like drugs. Honestly i watched this expecting that, and maybe you are expecting it too now. But NO, this is not the one. This does have enough blood that you may want, but is nowhere near entertaining. This is just sad. SAD. So fuckingly SAD. You can't help but clearly sympathize with the pain, fear, and desperation of those poor boys only unless you'r a psychopath. DO NOT watch this. I'm seriously regreting that i did.

Anonymous said...

Just watch the video and after you'll realise, who Chechen rebels really are. Whey are just a bandits, wild animals, no one of the soldiers will do something like this. All western world choose a side of Chechens, help them with a guns and equipment, but closing eyes on the fact, that Al Quaida missionaries fighting together with Chechens .
Whey are terrorising russians on the streets of russian city's, raping girls and killing the guys just for fan. Nazism is a protection reaction of the nation, if the goverment closing eyes on it, telling everybody be more tolerant. In all history of Russian nation we have not being beat by anyone, but now we losing against illigal criminals. I'm NOT supporting NAZI, but I will help my country protect our nation.
Violence is only answer on the violence and we have not start it.
Love Russia, respect the native people and the law or get the fuck out ! Sorry for my English, folks !

Anonymous said...

Terrible absolutely ghastly. The fact that they leave their heads half attached so that the spinal cord still works is absolutely attrocious. How someone can treat another human this way is beyond me. THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF EVIL.

Anonymous said...

You can't judge these Chechens no matter how ghastly this is. God only knows what these guys have suffered because of the Russians, which have done just the same too. They obviously wanted their revenge. To be honest, I didn't feel that horrified with the video because I know it's been going on for so long and I've seen my own share of horrible things when I served with the Marines with NATO in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Somalia, and recently Afghanistan. It desensitizes you eventually. You should appreciate more what we as soldiers are subjected too when deployed and that when we see this stuff, we feel nothing. Just another day at the office. Goes to show what a massive plastic bubble some of you live in. Were you born yesterday? What do you think goes on in war? You all carry on about these conscripts because it was made known to you through a video but feel nothing when a soldier in Iraq or Afg is killed and believe me some of them went through more hell than this. If my unit ever caught up with a group of Chechens like this we would love to do the same to them, we just wouldn't film it! We're trained to be ghosts and we can get away with anything in the field. SEMPER FI

Robert Lindsay said...

Hi, to the commenter who said that this is sad more than anything else, that's exactly what it is. This is one of the saddest videos on the whole Internet. It's like this bottomless well of sadness that just keeps on going forever.

I agree that the behavior of the Chechens is quite evil, but keep in mind how many Chechens have been murdered in a similar manner by Russian troops. Young Chechen men are routinely rounded up on suspicion of either being guerrillas or guerrilla sympathizers. They are sent to camps. No one knows what goes on in these camps, but I guess they are kept alive for a while. It's just that lots of them never come out. Apparently they are mistreated horribly in the camps, possibly tortured, and then many of them are simply murdered. Many mass graves of Chechens have been found in Chechnya. Chechnya has a population of 1 million. I believe that 200,000 have been killed in these wars. Nearly every family has lost someone. Many women have lost husbands, brothers, sons and fathers. It's becoming a society of women. That's why so many of these Chechen suicide bombers lately have been women. They've lost everything.

The whole thing is a gigantic clusterfuck mess, but I do support the right of self-determination for Chechnya as well as all of the Caucasus. They're a bunch of hostile Muslims, and I don't see what Russia wants with the place. She'd be better off without it.

drummertae said...

Allahu Fuckbar!!

This is why i can't support muslims no matter what. I know i know Chechens are victims in the first place so i WANT to support them, but i can't! How can i support these barbaric beasts? You might say this is just eye-for-eye treatment for what Russians did to Chechens, fuck, so what? That just means Chechens are AS BAD as Russians, no more no less.

They are just defenseless captives! They are all just teenager boys who were forced into army by their fucking regime! Why do they have to get such barbaric revenge for what their government did?

If muslims want to get support and empathy from the world, they should be different from their enemies. Don't do such insane deeds to unarmed captives or civillian hostages. If you want or need to kill them, just shoot the fucking bullet in their head! Allah told you to behead them? Then just cut the fucking head at once! You at least don't need to joyfully watch soon-to-be-dead boys writheing in a crazy pain, making horrible noise, trying to grasp some air through half cut throat. OR AT LEASTEST, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT BUT JUST DON'T FUCKING FILM IT!!

Allahu Akbar? How can one call GOD while killing someone in such a horrible way? Disgusting..

Robert Lindsay said...

Good comment drummertae. I agree 100%.

Anonymous said...

For this fucking shit Russia, should emprison all the chechens who live in !RUSSIAN! cities (not in checnya), all, everyone...gather them all in chechnya, and throw down a fucking nuclear bomb at the fucking chechnya, and kill ALL chechens, ALL.
This guys were alive...with heads cut off....the were fucking alive...

For those speaking shit about chechens killed the same way, don't say your fucking suggestions, give proofs, give videos. As the man who posted this video wrote this way of execution is not in russian culture. It was brought to the fields of war by the beasts.

Many more to say about those comments, bad russians, NATO in Bosnia, society of women bullshit, but the main statement should be...try to recapture your sick mind, washed by mass media...judge on what you know, but not on what someone told somewhere

Anonymous said...

Read the site for begin:
This site about chechens problems in 80-90th years

You at first read this site, and then already do conclusions!!!

абрамович said...

These are the words of wittness Gasanov(a dagestani muslim) for the investigation that followed, translated from Russian specially for this forum.
-- Not any military or policeman dared to meet them (chechens), it was me alone.
-- Ни один военный или милиционер их (боевиков.--Ъ) не встречал,-- рассказал свидетель Гасанов.-- Только я один.
-For the sake of Allah don't go into the village, - I said to the first armed man, - As a response he hit me in the abdomen wih his automatic rifle and said - I am going for Allah.Шедшему первым вооруженному до зубов боевику я сказал: "Ради Аллаха, не идите в село!" В ответ он дал мне прикладом автомата в живот и сказал: "Я за Аллаха иду".
"You have no Allah",- I told him and he hit me again. "Нет у тебя Аллаха",-- сказал ему я, и он снова ударил меня прикладом.
Locals took the solgiers and policemen away from the blocking point and gave them civilian clothes. My son and some other men managed to evacuate part of them outside the village. Местные жители увели с блокпоста солдат и милиционеров, дав им гражданскую одежду, часть из них моему сыну, племяннику и нескольким другим мужчинам удалось вывести из села.
But certain people from the village showed the bandits where 6 soldiers were hiding. Но определенные люди показали боевикам, где прячутся шестеро военнослужащих.
When they were stabbing the soldiers, one of the captives managed to run away but was shot in the back and then they cut his throat. Когда резали солдат, один из пленных смог вырваться и пробежать некоторое расстояние, но его достали очередью вдогонку, а потом -- уже смертельно раненного -- зарезали.
Next day I went to the fighters and asked|"For the sake of Allah let us take the bodies away. Here women live, cildren. Cholera may brake out, God save us."Я на следующий день пошел к боевикам и попросил: "Ради Аллаха, дайте убрать нам трупы солдат. Тут женщины, дети живут, не дай бог, холера начнется".
One of the fighters answered that we must not burry the soldiers.Один из боевиков ответил, что не позволит нам хоронить их.
"We will not burry them, but take them to the morgue.- I said. -
"Мы не будем их хоронить, а отвезем тела в морг,-- сказал я. -
They finally gave us the bodies.Они в конце концов отдали нам тела.
That's that - the soldiers died and people who had betrayed them, still live and flourish. I said that during the previous investigation but my words were left unnotised by the prosecutor."
Вот так -- солдаты погибли, а люди, предавшие их, живут сейчас и процветают. Я и на прошлом процессе говорил об этом, но мои слова так и остались без внимания прокуратуры.

I posted this to show one of the many misrepresentations in the bloggers comments, namely that all the perpetrators are dead now. I would ask the blogger to stay away from commenting what he does not know about:)

Anonymous said...

Russian duke Aleksandr Nevski has said, that rising the sword most die by sword. So what the russians expected to get conquering foreign lands, incl Chechenia? Agressor will remain agressor. And like they were kicked out from Afganistan they will be kicked out from other seized countries. It is just matter of time.

Gunnar said...

Since this is made in a war situation I can understand what goes on in there. During a war your hatred is so big that you kill and this torture is just one of many.
To me and to everybody else sitting behind a desk this is horrible. To the soldiers who lost their loved ones and family it is sweet sweet revenge. Russians are very brutal themselves so all in all I can say that this kinda stuff goes on often in russia. Mostly done by the russians themselves.

Groznyi said...

Russian Prince Svyatoslav crushed once Khazar judaic vermin attackers to Russia in 9 century Pay attention to the fact that the ringleader of bastards - someone Umar Karpinski. We Chechens are no jews' names.
Khazar bastard gets his Svyatoslav again. Because that that bastard continues to practice its ritual Satanism.
City of Groznyi - the capital of Chechnya. Because it is called the Groznyi (Terrible), that menacing for wild bastards khazars. This is a Russian city, like the whole plain. Chechens have never lived there. They ran from the mountains and steal the people for centuries. Groznyi was founded Russian Cossacks. And all the cities founded by Russian plains. Svetoslav coming!

Anonymous said...

The way I see it the Chechens and Russians have different religions. What is a religion? It is not only a way to lead people to God, but also an instrument of mind control and of people division. Remember what happened in India in 1947? - A huge portion of the country was severed because Islam was implemented in the western part of it. The result was frictions, clashes etc between the people of different faiths prior to that, and ultimately we had India and Pakistan on the map of the world. Remember an old Roman principle "divide and rule", and, of course, no one mentions the part "and set them up against each other".

So, if different religions are keeping two great nations apart and are causing all the bloodshed for so long (by the way, is it really happening by chance?) why not cast aside these instruments of mind control, get together at a round table and come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Think of it this way: whether we're white, black, brown or any other color, we are all the same, none is better or worse – and we all want to be FREE and HAPPY.

C'mon, guys, it's better to do business than wage war - LET'S MAKE PEACE HAPPEN!

Насколько я понимаю, у чеченцев и русских разные вероучения. А что такое вероучение? Это не только способ ведения людей к Богу, но также и инструмент управления сознанием людей, а так же их разделения. Помните что случилось в Индии в 1947 году? Её разрезали на две части введя до того в западную часть ислам. Результат был трения, стычки итд между разноверцами перед разделением, и в конце концов на карте мира появились Индия и Пакистан. Не забыли древнее римское правило «разделяй и властвуй»? И уж, конечно, никто не упоминает «и стравливай их между собой».

Так что если разные вероучения создают столько раздора между двумя великими народами в течение такого долгого времени, (кстати, случайно ли это?) то почему бы не выбросить на свалку эти инструменты управления сознанием, не сесть за круглый стол переговоров и не прийти к обоюдовыгодному соглашению. Подумайте следующим образом: независимо от цвета нашей кожи, будь то белый, черный, коричневый или любой другой, мы все одинаковы, никто из нас не лучше и не хуже других – и мы все хотим быть СВОБОДНЫМИ и СЧАСТЛИВЫМИ.

Так что, давайте, ребята, лучше заниматься торговлей, чем вести войну – ДАВАЙТЕ СОЗДАДИМ МИР!

Robert Lindsay said...

I really do support Chechen independence. Face it, Russians, these Chechens are a pain in the ass! Why not be rid of them?

Actually, I support independence for all of the Caucasus if they want it. Who needs em? They're just a bunch of troublesome Muslims doing nothing but causing problems. Russia would be better off without them.

Anonymous said...

The reason of 19 century war on chechens was constant attacks of chechen tribes against russian peasants etc. living in south Russia.
It was their way of living: they would make up a gang, rob a village of all the cattle, take slaves, then run back to the mountains. I advise that you read Converse with a Barbarian of the recently killed Paul Khlebnikov.

nazilover69XXX said...

Alluha akbar brethren

Anonymous said...

You don´t know about Islam and chechens. They are barbaric, they want to dominate the world. In european history we have been always fighting against islamic invasions, in Spain, in Greece, in all the east muslims treated to invade us. Ask to a Georgian what he thinks about chechens and Islam and about all the wars against these beasts always treating to kill georgians.

Learn history and learn about the islamic intentions.

God bless Russia and all Europe.

Anonymous said...

Please just keep quiet if you don't know what the hell you are saying. Wasn't it Russia that invaded Afghanistan ? Know your facts. By the way what's the Christian saying ?
"An eye for an eye" ? Isn't that what thís is ? So stop posting islamophobic comments and get things straight.

Emil said...

"It's kind of sad that people are so worked up at the Chechens for chopping POW's heads off. To the dead person, it really doesn't matter how he died."

- I disagree. A person should be afforded the chance to die honorably and as painlessly as possible, and not to suffer like an animal. I couldn't imagine how painful it must feel to have one's head cut off. I mean, I guess you could probably just feel your life fading away, if you know what I mean. I personally prefer a bullet to the back of the head.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know guys, like in Christianity , there are Catholics and Romans , in islam , there is too , and the new generation of islam , young people love life , and hate those fucking damn terrorist , i am from lebanon , muslim, i was a soldier who fought the talbani ,in al bared region .
i saw my friend getting killed , i can never forgive those who got it all wrong : for sure islam says things, but most of it doesnt apply on today's society .
For those who haven't figure it out yet , islam is a religion of mercy ,not for killing , not for forcing other people to it, if you cant understand that, i dont want to be part of your religion.
I really think religion has messed up the weak minds.
Till now i reported 2 terrorist , they got their asses locked up in jail.


In the name of peace , i am going to be the new Hitler against those terrorist.

dont believe that i am muslim here :
Ana ismi hassan min libnein , w bokrah l mot3osbine korh al 3ama ( means , my name is hassan from lebanon , and i hate religion racist so damn much )

Anonymous said...

Чечены всегда были бандитами, которые враждовали между собой и с соседними народами. Они гордо называют себя воинами, но истиный воин милосерден и, если ему приходится убивать, то, он убивает без удовольствия, не доставляя своему противнику лишних страданий. То, что показано здесь только укрепило меня в уверенности, что Сталин (а он был грузином и прекрасно знал нравы и обычаи чечен) был прав высилив их с исконных территорий в Сибирь и уничтожив тех кто сопротивлялся. В Росии зреет протестное движение и когда оно взорвется первыми кого уничтожат будут чечены. За все их злодеяния, за все убийства и грабежи они ответят перед русским народом и другими народами населяющими Россию. Все, что вы видете стало возможным только из-за продажности стоящих у власти чиновников. Они торговали оружием, наркотиками, нашими жизнями. Мы уничтожим этих чиновников и тогда некому будет защитить этот гордый Кавказский народ!!! Они сами вырыли себе могилу, своими действиями, своими поступками. У русских есть поговорка: Ничто не забыто, никто не забыт. Мы все помним!

Anonymous said...

Люди прикрывающиеся знаменем Ислама и творящие такие ужасные вещи должны понимать, что праповедуя Ислам и совершая такие поступки они только отвращают остальных людей от Ислама, заставляют думать, что все мусульмане изверги и садисты. Заставляют ненавидеть эту веру. Они бросают тень на ВЕСЬ ИСЛАМ. Кто их претеснял? Кто им не давал жить в мире? Не было такого в современной истории Российской Федерации! Войну развязали именно они, а не Россия.

Anonymous said...

Hitler was right after all. All you fucking chechens, russians,slavs, muslims are subhumans. You do not deserve to live like humans because you are animals. I come from Hellas and my anchestors refered to you with one word ; barbarians, not worthy to live at all.

Anonymous said...

This is weak. I was eating while watching this. Doesn't even affect me.

Crane187 said...

This video is a poster-child for genocide.

Every one of them needs to have their asses packed with pork belly and shot.

I'm not going to wait until one of those vipers stabs me in the back. If you do, you're an idiot.

I'm not a white supremacist. Never have been. Never thought I would be. But if I'm stuck between choosing the WASPs that built this nation into a respectable, HONORABLE superpower, or the animals that would drag us down in the filth with them, all while politicians neuter us with lovey-dovey, warm-and-tingly feel-good bullshit about sameness and oneness and we're all one great big happy planet...

Fuck 'em. We'll all burn together.

Anonymous said...

fuckin muslims r just depraved murders not brave soldiers, they murderd those russians in the most horrible way they could think of, all these muslims and outher sub human races & cultures need wipeing out as they are showing they are not civalized enough to share the world with the white man hail hitler 14.88

David Deer said...

look guys im 13 years old and call me weird but this stuff doesnt bother me i saw 3 guys 1 hammer neo-nazi thing and this i didnt even flinch but yeah i can see why you guys would this is pretty bad. if you find anything absolutely mindblowingly (think thats a word) disgusting please post a reply/responce (if you can)and i dont mean 2 girls 1 cup. that was crap literally i wanna see sumthin really disgusting i would let you send it to me on facebook but i dont want the wrong kind of people looking at my facebook. yeah i know im underaged for facebook and to watch the video.

Anonymous said...

You, americans, are sposors of this, it were your mercenaries, that is why we hate you all over the world. You do not know anything regarding outstanding world. Stalin was absolutely right deporting chechens and crym tatars as Hitler' soldiers, try to find Igor Pykhalov's book "Why Stalin deported nations". The punishment was very soft. You have no history, this is your problem; you have nothing to compare it with. Who are chechens? You thing it is a nation? Chechen means "terrorost" on chechen language, belive me. Khazars, their predecessors, traded Russians as slaves for centuries until Sviatoslav defeted them. Tatars traded Russians as slaves for centuries until Ivan IV defeted them. Last Tatar's invasion into Russia and Ukraine was during Ekaterina the Great rein. Finally Potemkin defeated them in Crym. It was you - England and France who supported Turkey and Crym Tatar. That is why you are responsible for this even more than those poor dead chechen rebels. And we will never forget this, you will have to pay.

Anonymous said...

David Deer said:

look guys im 13 years old and call me weird but this stuff doesnt bother me...

It doesn't bother you BECAUSE you are 13.

These things didn't bother me either back then.

As you age you lose your sense of immortality and you begin to understand that these were people (both the attackers and the victims).

When you begin to understand all that that means then these videos will bother you.

If they don't then you're probably on your way to a career as a serial killer.

Anonymous said...

Stalin was absolutely right

Only a truly sick person could say 'Stalin was right'.

The video you saw here was repeated 40,000,000 by Stalin, and that was only to his OWN people.

As far as your misguided hatred of Americans, perhaps you should look at your own failed leadership (that convieniently blames the U.S.) for your nations problems.

If we were as powerful or as 'evil' as you imagine us, then the world would be a very different place than it is today.

Anonymous said...

i understand the hatred from sides but i cannot support either one. their both victims, but they are also both sadistic, savage fucks. i rest my case!

Anonymous said...

This is really disgusting. Shameful that human beings can still treat each other like this, in this century/day. Overwhelmed with sadness watching this video. I watch trying to figure out what it would take for myself to commit such a brutal act against another human being. It would have to be life or death, not against a defenseless captured prisoner. Watching it in a grainy video has enough of and effect, nothing like experiencing it person I'm sure. I don't understand why they do not just execute them properly. The men crawling around, still moving for minutes afterwords is really disturbing.

It is a testament to the nature of man I guess. Dog eat dog, till the end of time(humanity).

Anonymous said...

I hope that this brutality ends soon.. or I will join the darkness and kill every man in this world.. I don't mind just leaving crying women without the hope of a next generation. Men are evil, period.All of you that enjoy this absolute vileness should be ashamed of yourselves. That was human beings dying horribly, slowly, and painfully. Think about it, that could have been your relative.

Anonymous said...

This not people, this worse beasts.
We this remembers !!!

Da KiD said...

Im 13 Sorry robert...! =] but i felt horible when i saw this video.. You could imagine the familys who had to go threw that loss...! But i read the comments and find out that cheychna i beleive... waz also tortured by russians... that russians do the same... so i would understand why they are doing it I can feel there pain.. my father waz killed fighting for his country... so he did wat he had to do to win this war...! that iz wat chachans are doing.. But they are doing it in the most horrible way they can... But the reason they are is because they kno russians do the same...! If i had a chance to kill the man who killed my father, the same for u if u had a bad loss like a murder you wouldnt kill him? u wouldnt torture him? thats wat cheychan iz feeling.... I no longer feel bad.... Im only 13 and i can understand... Russians do they same they just dont record it... these people record it because they proably want to show there familys wat Horrible things they did so there family knows ThaT They have gotten revenge..!
Robert thanks for posting this UP I have learned alot...! =)

Anonymous said...


And what sort of people were his OWN people? Stalin's real name was Dzhugashvilli, he was Georgian killing mostly Russian. Russian people were not his own

Anonymous said...

This is just a drop in the ocean.
Many more civil russians met more horrible death in so called Chechnia. Thousands (around 40) were killed. Women were raped and killed with a terrible death on a dayly basic sometimes they was just small kids.For reference : Grozny is a city founded and build by the russian cossaks long ago as well as the other cities. It was communists idea to build there a Chechen republik ,on the land taken from the murdered cossaks , which(Chechnya) earlier never existed in nature.And, by the way :there are about 40 different nationalities, living in Caucause..

And what whas there, hair raising stories you could find here: and _2.htm

Anonymous said...

war... war never changes.
This video is disgusting just as comments below it are.

Tim said...

Holy shit. I watched the neo-nazi execution video and I handled that fairly well, same with the Paul Johnson decapitation video but this Affected me a shit load more. Those guys are just fucked up. No-one, not even the most radical Muslim that goes around killing civilians in the name of Allah deserves to die the way those poor kids did. At least they're all dead now, good riddance to bad rubbish

Anonymous said...

Гандоны чечены!!! Fuck OFF muslims!!!! I fuck your mothers & sisters & daughters!!!

Anonymous said...

it is a man thing

Anonymous said...

As I stood in the street with a sign "Free Chechnya!" many respectable old people would spit at my feet, young people tried to tear the poster and hit me in the face. I stood there with this poster because worried about women who have stood with these posters next - would protect them in case of serious threat. When I was incarcerated in prison on trumped-up political case I was placed in a chamber where there were several Chechen and other Islamic thugs - I did not have hostile feelings for them - we were temporary companions in misfortune, because living conditions were simply appalling. Total for 6 days in this chamber I have kidney failure and was kept stable temperature of 39 degrees Celsius, swollen feet and could only sleep for 6 hours a day. Medical care is not subjected to - on the contrary (I got this camera just because boldly spoke with police, although I am Russian). My son - 18 years and he served in the army. Can you imagine my feelings after watching this video ?????? What should I do now? I do not want to think that because I am not a Russian Nazis - I shit. I was calm as a rock after watching this video - I'm scared for the others when I myself feel so! I did not shake hands, and I quietly ponder the rational ways of revenge. I hope that it will pass. But I can not promise. Ivan

Anonymous said...

Chechya is part of Russia, like Florida is part of USA. Chechens it is aggressive selfish people without conscience and compassion. You have seen it. Austria and Poland are dissatisfied with refugees Chechens, because they everywhere the identical. I think, northern people shouldn't will obey southern, we should isolate aggressive idiots before they will do us harm. It's very very simple.

Anonymous said...

Бляди чеченские! Дети шакала!!!
Где же ваши блядские права человека или это только на жидопендосов распространяется?

Anonymous said...

Русские долго запрягают, но быстро едут. Когда поедем, вам всем пидарам "хорошо" будет, так хорошо, как и тем русским парням, которых вы видели на этих кадрах. Хорошо запомните эти кадры, чтобы потом не было у вас удивления...

Anonymous said...

I live in Russia. From my town to the Republic of Chechnya, 500 miles. It's next to me. And the worst part is that even in 2011 and is still going on. It is a pity that the planet will know about it only after 10 years.
What should I do? I'm going to fight for my family and honor. Just 2 weeks ago they arrived in the Russian city of Zelenokumsk (400 miles from the republic of Chechnya) and made it the carnage. Wanted to rape a Russian girl. Link

evpatij said...

Мы отомстим ! Клянемся ! Дрожите чурки черножопые.А придем к власти в своей стране, это видео будем показывать русским каждый день по ТВ.

evpatij said...

We, Russian, revenge! Our revenge will be terrible. And it has already begun!

pupkin2002 said...

You bastard, you want to help those who cut off the head engineers signalers from New Zealand, because for them not to pay ransom for the British? We will not deport Chechens to Siberia, we will send them to California. Then you are in your throat feel like they understand freedom and are fighting for it. Russian neo-Nazis do not cut people's throat, even in such "untermensh" like you. Russian is not Chechens, but Russian Chechens do not, remember that.h "untermensh" like you.

Ты, ублюдок, хочешь помогать тем, кто отрезал головы инженерам-связистам из Новой Зеландии, только потому, что за них не заплатили выкуп англичане? Мы не будем ссылать чеченов в Сибирь, мы будем отправлять их в Калифорнию. Тогда ты на своем горле почувствуешь, как они понимают Свободу и, как за неё борются. Русские нео-нацисты не режут людям горло, даже таким "untermensh" как ты. Русские не Чечены, а Чечены не Русские, запомни это.

Anonymous said...

Вы хотите независимости Северного Кавказа? Хуй Вам! Это - русские земли! Все города - основаны русскими! Мы не отдадим ни пяди! Вырежем всех жидовских хазарских слуг! Остальных зверей - загоним в клетки, как они того заслуживают!
Хер Вам! А не независимость! Зубдьте эту жидовскую идею! Отделяйте не Северный Русский Каказ, а хуй себе с яйцами, вот после этого и поговорим!

Anonymous said...

Пусть земля вам будет пухом спите парни придет время все ответят по заслугам за то что сделали .Прости Господи парней русских при души их на небо. А вы уроды черные надеюсь здохли, уже только рай вам не светит. Дети проституток горных.

Anonymous said...

tak vam i nado russkie blyadi,sideli bi u sebya doma v pizdarassee.pobolshe rezat nado bilo.

Anonymous said...

не брат ты мне -гнида чернажопая!

Santa Klaus Marx said...

To put it simply: Russia defend Islam whenever it helps to destroy the western values (judeo-christian based) like when they defended the terrorists in the Turkish-Israeli fleet incident or Khadafi's killing spree right now. But when it comes to expansionism and power, it's OK to terminate all Muslims.

You can't approve what these Chechens did, but Russia, like always, started it.

I mean no offense to the owner of this blog, since I desagree with much of his views, but I'm really surprised for a leftist to consider Russia's share of the blame.

Anonymous said...

Пора вас кавказских хуесосов также резать!

Anonymous said...

Аллах поджарит их мерзкие жопы, там куда они отправились. Нелюди! Изверги! Будьте вы прокляты!

Anonymous said...

To say anyone "started it" is shit. The Russians didn't start this, the Chechnians didn't start it; its human nature. Greed and a lust for control, power and total domination is what started this. It goes back to the same old contest of who's got the bigger dick. If it wasn't these two groups of people killing each other it would be another two groups.. wait. No. Its groups of people all over the world killing each other on a daily fucking basis. Over what? Power, greed, control and a need to prove something. If you look at the way humans behave, we're not much better than animals. We're constantly killing each other.

This video was awful. It saddens me that people behave in such a barbaric fashion but what really bothers me is how unaffected I was by watching this. The constant violence is hardening society; nothing is shocking anymore. Every time you think someone has done the most horrendous thing you have ever seen there is someone just a tad bit sicker who manages to take things to the next level. The worst part is that even more gruesome things than this are happening all the time, probably even as I write this. At 26 I have adopted an "It is what it is" attitude. The world shows no sign of changing (at least not for the better) so why should I let these acts upset or traumatize me? One could argue that attitudes like that are what let these things continue to happen but honestly, people are determined to act like beasts, we have to adapt to that. Let the beasts annihilate each other if that's what they want to do.

Anonymous said...

Все ответы на все существующие глобальные проблемы скрываются здесь и только здесь:


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Anonymous said...

Neither Basayev, Khattab or Karpinski are Chechens - they are jews or have jewish blood in them and just use muslim retorics to provoke people.
For all of you out there in the west countries - the Russians you see and in 99% of hollywood movies - are jews. They are not Russians at all! There is no real Russian in the government of modern Russia. When you hear "Russian Mafia" you should read "russian-speaking jewish mafia". Is that so hard to see and understand???

Anonymous said...

Господа американцы! А вам не кажется, что те, кто делает это на видео - дети по сравнению с вами? Вам напомнить, ЧТО творили ваши парни во Вьетнаме? По сравнению с ними чечены просто невинные овечки. А представьте себе, что чувствовали люди, сгорающие в огненном шторме в Хиросиме, Нагасаки, Токио, Дрездене? Так что засуньте себе свое лицемерие в жопу, самая злобная нация в этом мире - вы.
Lord Americans! Do not you think that those who do it on video - kids compared to you? Remind you that you guys were doing in Vietnam? Compared with the Chechens just innocent lambs. And imagine that they felt people burned in the firestorm in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Dresden? So Shove yourself in the ass its hypocrisy, the most wicked people in this world - you.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Robert Lindsay.. I hope you end up in one of the chechnya as a bounty and they cut your throat just like that cause your parents didn't gather enough money to bail you out!
Islam is a religion of hate, BAN ISLAM!

Anonymous said...

It's easy to say that Russians started all of it (though it's really doubtful). It's easy to say that it's religion that makes people cruel. But is that really so? I didn't see video of the same cruelty how Russian troops would kill Chechens (maybe because such things should not be taped or done and at least one side is civil enough to understand that) War is war, but this video is something beyond it. Taped and shared slaughter - it's not just fight for justice, it's boasting. There are number of minor nationalities in Russian Federation, whose major religion is Islam (Bashkir, Tatar). However, people of Bashkortostan or Tatarstan position themselves as a part of Russia and treat people of any nationality or religion with equal respect. As a matter of fact, Chechens are not so welcomed even in these republics. It's easy for you to judge from overseas, but if you'd live in Russia (SECULAR country not influenced by ANY religion) and one day you daughter/wife would get harassed or even raped because she was wearing, let's say a skirt and according to some vakhabit's radical views she looked like a slut and that's what she deserved, I'd love to see your opinion changing. When in Rome, do as Romans do. There are bad people in every nation, but stereotypes don't come out of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

19 year old chechen Rasul shows his 6 cars that he says are gifts from his father and relatives. What is the service that's so rewarded by russia's government that chechens can do? Only hits...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

At every opportunity, I'll break bones Chechens bastards.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Надо быть последовательным и честным.

Одни партизаны -герои, другие -звери? Так не бывает.

Одни войны -просто походы раз и выросла территория от океана до океана, другие войны -на нас напали супостаты? Так не бывает.

Anonymous said...

muslim hater said.....

all of these filthy fucken parasite islamic cunts need to be cleansed off the face of this planet.
all these fucken rag headed religious groups are to blame for 99% of this worlds current and past conflicts, no islam, then no more decent human beings dying in shit hole countries like afghanistan etc, no more civilised families loosing there much loved men to wars that are being fought with out victory, only to hand control down to the next ignorant simple minded robe wearing sand-nigger. there is only ONE solution KILL THEM ALL!!!!! burn every mosque, hang every cleric, ram every copy of the karan up mohamads arse then cut his miserable fucken head off, feed his heart to his children. yes this video is sad, its time to start something that should have been done 1000 years ago stay hard my russian brothers and together cleans this world with the blood of 1 billion muslim parasites,


Anonymous said...

How do you think Robert, who is wrong in this war? I know answer: Kremlin and his cryptohebrew politicians, which are tremendous benefits from those wars! Chechen in this war are just venal hookers, and they are cover themselves by extrimistical religion. However I tell you great mystery: war for some of Chechen is meaning of life.

I hope for your understanding
Russian citizen

Anonymous said...

I salute each of those young brave soldiers i raise my glass to them and say thank you and rest in peace. I have nothing good to say about islam all i know of it is gang violence, racisim and peodophilia and all of this i know on a personal level and in england they do not want to be part of normal society yet they expect everyone to respect them and there faith but judging from this video and others like it the only thing they will get is the same treatment,god help the uk if islam gains any sort of power.

Anonymous said...

If you are think that Russian soldiers have done the same with this Chechens,YOu are an idiot . I swere you, even the most violent Russian soldier would'nt do this . I know because I have had an oportunity to speek whith a lot of soldiers.Some of them who have ever killed,are veryy broken mens , they can't even hit smbdy for smth bad, because they saw too much violense. (sorry for my poor English)

Anonymous said... find smbdy to translate this and you change your thoughts about Russian army

Anonymous said...

Я, конечно, осуждаю то, что творили на этом видео чеченские сепаратисты. Это очень плохо, что они сделали. Но и русские тоже хороши. Вспомните Кавказскую войну, когда уничтожались аул за аулом на корню. А эти "забавы" русских солдат со снятием скальпов с пленных женщин, поднятием этих женщин на штыки, разбиванием голов младенцев о камни, подкидыванием детей на штыки (это когда один подкидывает ребенка, а другой ловит на штык), вырезанием всего и вся. Русские уничтожили целые народности на западном Кавказе, вырезали их нещадно, вывозили на кораблях на Черное море и топили там. Русские солдаты пришли с оружием и невиданной жестокостью на Кавказ, в дома коренных жителей. Почему-то это забыто и не осуждается, а когда зарезали солдат, пришедших с оружием и войной к кавказцам домой - стоит хай про плохих чеченцах. Факт: русские относились к кавказцам гораздо хуже, чем те, что на видео. И еще, о том, что русские построили города на Кавказе. А давайте, я приду к вам домой, порежу ваших родственников, сделаю ремонт, и скажу: "Теперь это моя территория, скажите "спасибо", за те блага, которыми я вас одарил". Кавказ - это земля коренных жителей Кавказа, но не русских, желающих уничтожить кавказцев. Хер вам, а не Кавказ без кавказцев.
Of course, I condemn what is happening in this video Chechen separatists. It's too bad that they did. But Russian too good. Remember the Caucasian war, when the destroyed village of aul on the vine. And these "fun" with the Russian soldiers scalp women prisoners, lifting of these women on their bayonets, breaking the heads of babies against the rocks, pop-children bayonets (when one throws a child, and another catches the bayonet), cutting out everything. Russian destroy entire peoples in the western Caucasus, cut them mercilessly, were taken to the ships of the Black Sea and drowned there. Russian soldiers came with guns and unprecedented brutality in the Caucasus, in the home of indigenous people. Somehow it is forgotten and not condemned, and when slaughtered soldiers who came with guns and war Caucasians home - high costs of poor Chechens. Fact: Russian Caucasians treated much worse than the ones on the video. And yet, that the Russian built the city in the Caucasus. But come on, I'll come to your house can cut your family, make repairs, and say, "This is my territory, say" thank you "for the benefits that I gave you." Caucasus - is a land of the indigenous people of the Caucasus, but not Russian, wanting to destroy the Caucasians. Dick to you, not the Caucasus without Caucasians.

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Fucking savages. "Those who live by the sword will die by the sword." And I hope it's a very dull sword.

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I don't care how one tries to justify this kind of barbarism. If you have to kill someone (and you don't), shoot them in the head when they don't see it coming. These "rebels" should be punished in the worst, most painful and humiliating way possible. Let's video that! Piss ants!

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These "people" (AKA: murderers) ever hear of the Golden Rule?

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Нелюди, животные и черти сатанинские. Ни какой воинской чести.

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You lost to Japan

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Robert Lindsay - ублюдок.

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How do I download this video. Cuz I want 2 b able 2 watch it without having the internet.

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Ебаные хачики!