Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nighttime Mobs Attack Cars in Oakland

This is a pretty crazy video! It shows mobs in Oakland, California, mostly Black but with a few White girls mixed in, attacking cars stopped in traffic jams on streets in Oakland. It's called "Sideshow" for some reason that I don't understand.

This scene is actually a lot more dangerous than it looks. They are trying to yank the doors of cars open - as you can see, they get the door of a cab open and try to pull the driver out. One Black kid yells, "Rob him!" but the cabdriver manages to get away.

If you try to run over these idiots while they are attacking your car (A good idea!) there's a good chance you will be stuck in traffic and then the mob will actually try to kill you. If you try to fight back in any way when they attack your car, they might also try to kill you. So you really can't fight back against this mob.

Also, if they manage to pull you out of your car, they can rob you or beat you up. They also might manage to steal your car. If you just sit there and take it, you might sustain damage to your vehicle.

There really isn't any way out of this mess without getting either damage to your car or person or possibly getting robbed. It's a bad scene all around!

One thing I am wondering is, "Where are the cops?"


Anonymous said...

i hate south americans
"sudacas" is the word we use in spain to refer to them disparagingly.
here we hate them, they arrive spain, they breed like rabbits,
their children are street gangs that kill, steal, and bring drugs to our children.

Robert Lindsay said...

I'm sorry for your problems, sir.

I live in California and my city is full of Latin Americans, mostly Mexicans. I don't mind so much, but it's not exactly ideal. We also have some real Spaniards here, or at least they have Spanish blood and connections to Spain. I think they are the "White Mexicans." They are really cool people! And they are very proud of their Spanish heritage! And they go back to Spain all the time.

It's funny, I think some of them sort of look down on the non-Spaniard Mexicans, lol.

All I got to say is, I love Spaniards! We also have a lot of people with Spanish blood here who came here 100-150 years ago or more. Quite a few go back to the days of Mexican California or even Spanish California. They're really cool people and I like them a lot!

Anonymous said...

I´m who writed the first comment.
Thank you for answering.
You´re talking about the south americans who have Spaniard blood.
But i´m talking about south american indians, which are very dark, short and plump.
they do not adapt to our community as people of africa who live here as one more but remain in their communities where they all seem brothers.

Anonymous said...

ah, sir, and i´m a women :)

Robert Lindsay said...

I'm sorry ma'am, I thought you were a man!

We have the same problems with Hispanics in this town. They form gangs, write graffiti, sell drugs, commit lots of crime, drop out of school, get pregnant as teenagers, and create trashy, dirty, run-down ghettos.

The Whiter ones and the more Indian ones all do this. But then there are Whiter ones who are more middle class who act better, and there are more Indian ones here who act really good too. It's sort of a class thing here rather than race.

I'm sorry you are having problems with Sudacas. Perhaps you should stop importing them!