Tuesday, November 24, 2009

12 Year Old Pakistani Boy Beheads a Man

If you are under 18, you may NOT watch this video! If you are a parent and are concerned about your kids viewing this post, please either supervise and/or restrict your children's Internet use or invest in a blocking program.

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This is a truly horrible video that I have heard about for a long time but have put off watching until now. Truth be told, I hate beheading videos, though I watch them once in a while, I generally avoid them. There are many beheading videos that I have heard about but have refused to watch.

This was one of them, but I finally decided to watch it since someone linked it on the Wordpress site. It is pretty famous in the increasingly mundane (as in flooded) pantheon of modern beheading videos. It's only famous because a 12 year old boy is doing the head-chopping!

The event occurred in the tribal areas of Pakistan, probably in either North or South Waziristan, recently, though I do not have the exact date. The victim was said to be a spy for the US and the Pakistani military. The area is probably crawling with US spies, as US drones make regular attacks that could only occur if we had great on the ground intel.

As we might expect, he is a truly horrible beheader, especially since he has been given a very good knife. He takes forever to saw the poor guy's head off, and the blood flows like a brook in the meantime. It looks like a butcher sawing off the head of a cow! In the meantime, fully cloaked Muslims, possibly young girls (!) watch and egg him on.

The guy who gets killed puts up almost no struggle at all for some reason, but this is typical of bedeadings in the tribal areas of Pakistan. I'm not sure why that is. They are either drugged or resigned to death.

Anyway, this video is pretty damned sickening and freakish! It sucks that these Islamist scumbags are teaching what are basically children (a 12 year old is a little boy) how to be the most vile of murderers.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when we let vile human beings roam free throughout the world. There are certain levels of 'sick' and this video fits near the top of the charts. I will never understand how someone can teach a young boy, who is barely even a man; and possibly has a mother to do such things to another man. One thing is for sure, there is no way my mother would be proud if I were to do something like this. - Sincerely, Anonymous

Robert Lindsay said...

Great comment, Anon. Thx for this one. Really hits home. I'm with you all the way. This is more or less child abuse!

Joshua Ray said...

Different cultures, religions, beliefs, and practices. This has been happening for centuries. What we find abhorrent, they may find honorable. It is saddening to watch from a western viewpoint though.