Saturday, October 23, 2010

Girl Throws Live Puppies into a River

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This video appeared suddenly on the Internet about a month ago, on August 30, 2010. It was uploaded to Youtube by the girl's brother, intended to be a humorous video.

The sight of a teenage girl gleefully throwing live puppies into a swift river to their certain death quickly outraged an army of viewers, and the video was removed. The brother then uploaded another video of himself apologizing for the video. Before the video was removed, it was copied, and it soon appeared on shock video sites.

The video shows a young blond haired girl who we later learn is a 19 year old girl. She is standing by a swift moving river in a forest. She has gloves on and has a white bucket beside her. She reaches down into the bucket and picks up a newborn puppy.

Then she throws it into the fast moving river. She reaches in again and again until she has thrown about six puppies into the river. All of the puppies appear to be alive as she is throwing them. When she throws one puppy, she says, "Whee!" and laughs. In the video, she is speaking a foreign language.

The video caused widespread outrage when it appeared on shock sites. Viewers quickly learned the details of the video. The action took place in Bugojno, Bosnia.

The story was that a wild dog had given birth to the puppies in the backyard of the girl's grandmother. The dog was known to be very sick with parasites. The puppies also had parasites from the mother, so the grandmother told the girl to get rid of the puppies by throwing them in the river to prevent the spread of diseases.

On September 4, 2010, the girl was identified as Katja Puschnik. Bosnian police investigated the incident, but declined to charge Katja due to her age. Animal cruelty carries a fine of up to $5,000 Euros.

Katja is actually from Germany. She hails from Aying, Germany, where she is a student. It's not known what she was doing in Bosnia, possibly she was visiting her grandmother in Bugojno. She speaks Serbo-Croatian in the video. She's apparently a Bosnian native who is going to school in Germany.

Killing puppies by throwing them in a big river is a time-honored way of killing unwanted newborn dogs in many parts of the world, and was the preferred method in rural areas of the US and Canada up until about 40 years ago.

Veterinarians and pounds are in short supply in much of the world, and vets usually charge a good fee, say $50 or so, for each animal they kill. A lot of people just say forget it and kill the animals themselves. To this day, on US farms, unwanted puppies and kittens are killed by putting them in a locked box and lowering the box into a farm pond. Death is swift.

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