Saturday, October 23, 2010

Man Commits Suicide in Police Station

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Spanish translation (en Español).

This is quite a video!

The video shows police who have a man in custody in a police station. The man looks Hispanic. He is not handcuffed. He has a slumped, "I don't give a damn" look as he slouches in his chair. The police are moving in and out of the room, saying a few things here and there. The man says nothing.

An officer brings him a cup of coffee and a bottle of water, and then leaves the room. The man removes the cap from the bottle of water and takes two quick gulps. He puts the bottle down and leans his head back against the wall.

Then he reaches into his pants, pulls out a large .45 caliber handgun and shoots himself in the forehead! He slumps over and blood begins pouring out of his head. The cops hear the shot and run to the scene. "Oh fuck!" says one cop.

The incident happened in late December 2004 in San Bernardino County, Southern California, USA. The man who committed suicide was a Guatemalan illegal immigrant named Ricardo Alfonso Cerna, 47, of San Bernardino. Earlier, a San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy named Mike Parnham, 31, had encountered Cerna at the intersection of California and Adams streets in Muscoy, northwest of San Bernardino.

Parnham had tried to pull Cerna's white Nissan over. Cerna refused to pull over, and a 1-minute chase ensued that ended when Cerna jumped a curb and came to a stop. Cerna then leaped out of the car with a gun, shooting at Parnham's patrol car. He hit the windshield, then the hood and kept firing as he ran past Cerna on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Parnham was hit two times, once in his bulletproof vest and once in the abdomen. The shot to the abdomen seriously injured him and left him in critical but stable condition at a local hospital. Cerna ran into a local yard where police found him, ordered him to the ground and handcuffed him.

For some reason, possibly due to three different agencies being involved, no one searched him, and he took the gun with himself to the police station, where he used it to commit suicide.

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