Friday, October 08, 2010

Man Stabbed to Death in New York

I am looking for translators to translate this post into German. Email me if you are interested.

This is a pretty amazing video. You can best see the actual sequence of events at the very end of the video. The events take place in Jamaica, Queens, New York late at night.

A young woman walks by dressed in short dress. A man quickly follows her, then corners her on the street, pulls a knife on her and attempts to rob her. Another man, the 31 year old victim, approaches and tries to stop the robber from robbing the woman.

The robber quickly stabs the Good Samaritan and then quickly runs away. The victim staggers away from the scene and falls down on the pavement.

For one hour, many people walk by the man bleeding to death on the sidewalk but do nothing to help. Two men stop, take out their cell phone cameras and take pictures of him bleeding to death on the sidewalk. Another man stops, turns him over, sees he is lying in a pool of blood and then walks away.

Finally, one hour and 20 minutes later, the Fire Department shows up. By that time, the victim is dead. The robber had not yet been caught at the time that the video was made.

At 1:02 in the video, you can see the young woman walking down the street, quickly followed by the robber. At 1:08, he is trying to rob her. At 1:13, the good Samaritan approaches to stop the robbery. At 1:15, the robber has stabbed the Samaritan and is running away. At 1:19, the victim has been stabbed and staggers away to fall on the ground.

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