Friday, October 01, 2010

Three Men Electrocuted in Iran

I am looking for translators to translate this post into German. Email me if you are interested.

This video is pretty amazing. An idiot in Iran, a young man, climbs up an electricity pole for some reason and is somehow stuck up there, possibly electrocuted. Why he did this is unknown.

A Good Samaritan, another young man who is unfortunately ignorant of the situation, climbs up and tries to rescue him while a huge crowd screams below. As he touches him, huge puffs of smoke fly up from the man at the top of the pole. He is unable to dislodge the first man from his perch.

Another man, yet another Good Samaritan, once again ignorant of the consequences, climbs up the pole and tries to rescue both of them. For some wild reason, this does not work, and instead it sets off a massive explosion that lights up the whole sky, blotting out everything. All three men fall from the pole to the ground, electrocuted.

Whether they survived or not or what injuries they sustained if they lived is not known. As the pole explodes with a splash of white light and white heat, the crowd's screaming, mostly women, reaches a fever pitch.

Sad video all around, especially for the latter two men.

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