Monday, November 08, 2010

Bum Eats Rats

I am looking for translators to translate this post into German. Email me if you are interested.

This video is pretty ridiculous! A bum is enticed into eating either rats or mice, it's hard to tell which. They are pretty small though, so to me, they look like mice. I'm also not sure if they are alive or not. The rodents are on the ground in a run-down area. He reaches down, picks up a rodent, puts it into his mouth, and eats it whole! Then he takes a swig of liquid, possibly water, out of a plastic container.

They are speaking a foreign language in this video. It's apparently South American Spanish.


Anonymous said...

I am completely sure that he is speaking spanish and his accent is from somewhere in latinamerica.

Anonymous said...

I'm would be surprised if I knew that he suffered no poisoning due to the types of germs that would be present on an urban rodent's body. I just can't seem to make any conclusion about this man.

He does prove one thing. The lowly cockroach ultimately defeated the mighty sabre-toothed tiger in evolutionary struggle. Soo.... will this man defeat us in the end?