Monday, November 08, 2010

Guy Has Tongue Splitting Operation

I am looking for translators to translate this post into German and Estonian. Email me if you are interested.

This video is really sickening! I felt nauseous while watching it because there was so much blood, and it was so disgusting. This one minute video shows an operation to give a sicko body modification freak guy a split tongue. It's not known if it was done by a doctor or an amateur. It comes with a warning saying basically, "Don't try this at home!"

There is a ton of blood in this video. The guy's mouth is literally filled with blood. At the end of the video, the sicko is smiling and happy with his new sick snake forked tongue.

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Anonymous said...

If you think this is bad you should see the procedure done to split the head of a penis. I don't judge people on their body modifications but I just cant wrap my mind around that one. I mean, its your penis!