Sunday, November 14, 2010

Black Female Fried Chicken Eating and 40 Oz Drinking Contest

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This video makes Blacks look so bad you would think that a bunch of White racists actually directed this with paid Black actors. But no, it's an actual contest. Black folks set up this contest, and they are enjoying it, so there's nothing racist about it, despite the fact that the very idea of the contest plays on racist memes.

I couldn't stop laughing all the way through this video. It's so ridiculous.

These eating contests are always pretty gross.

This beats seeing a bunch of fat White slobs wolfing down hamburgers and hot dogs.

At least these ghetto chicks are dressed nice.

The comments section is full of pissed off Blacks moaning about how bad this video makes them look. One guy said, "This video just set us back 300 years."

I'm not going to take it all that seriously, and I thought it was a kick, but you have to keep pinching yourself to remind yourself that this is real and not a parody made by VNN or some other racist site.

I think we need to add some White Trash videos pretty soon in the interest of equal time.

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