Monday, November 08, 2010

Budd Dwyer Suicide Video

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This is the infamous Budd Dwyer suicide video. Budd Dwyer was a US politician from the state of Pennsylvania. He was the State Treasurer from 1981 to 1987. During this period, it was discovered that state employees had overpaid a huge amount of federal taxes and as a result, the state's books were a mess.

An accounting firm was called in to figure out how much the state owed each employee. It was later discovered that Dwyer had accepted a bribe so that the firm would be hired. Dwyer was convicted of receiving a $300,000 bribe to hire the firm. He was offered a 5 year prison sentence, but he refused the offer. All along, he maintained that he had been framed.

He went to trial and was convicted. He faced up to 55 years in prison. The day before he was to be sentenced, he called a press conference to offer an update on the situation.

He read a long and strange note, but stopped before the ending. Then he handed out three manila envelopes, one to each of his staffers. One contained a note to his wife, the other contained an organ donor card and the last contained a note to the governor of Pennsylvania. Then he pulled a huge .357 revolver out of the fourth manila folder and said, "Please leave if this is going to offend you."

People began running out of the room and others moved towards Dwyer. People were yelling at him to stop. "Stop! No! Don't do it!"

He then placed the huge weapon in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The bullet went through his brain and exited the back of his skull, puncturing a hole in the wall. He collapsed against the wall and a river of blood began pouring from his mouth.

In 1995, the band Filter wrote a song called, "Hey Man, Nice Shot." They later confirmed that the song had been about the Budd Dwyer public suicide.

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