Thursday, November 25, 2010

Criminals Chase Police from a Banlieu in France

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Good Lord, this is terrible. This is the great France of Hugo, Sartre, Renoir, Ophuls, Flaubert, Zola, Proust, Beckett, Genet, Gide, Camus, Godard, Truffaut, Picasso, Magritte and Cocteau? The France of the Paris cafe scene in the 1920's, with Hemmingway, Joyce, Pound, Lowell, Toklas, Stein, Barnes and the rest?

Now it's descended into sheer jungle savagery. France is turning into Africa.

They would have done better to import African-Americans. These are the worst of all possible Blacks, straight out of the primal backwards of the Dark Continent itself. To make matters worse, not only are they Black Africans, but they are Muslim Black Africans!

I can't imagine things are this bad even in US ghettos, terrible as they are. US ghettos are awful places, but I don't think there are no-go zones for cops. I've worked in these ghettos, and the police are everywhere, making arrests constantly. I've never heard of cops going to investigate a rape and being driven away by hostile residents out to protect the rapists.

In the video, cops go to a banlieu (housing project) in France to investigate a rape. They bring the rape victim with them, a young White woman.

When they come to the place where it happened, they find a squat with 10 young Black men living there. These are obviously the rapists and their friends. The leader of the gang of young men confronts the police and orders them away. Later, one of the young Blacks throws a tear gas canister at police, temporarily blinding them.

Finally, the cops decide to leave, getting no cooperation out of the residents. As they leave, the young Blacks dance African-style and throw rocks at the cops. Towards the end, a young Black confronts the cops with a baseball bat and advances on them while others dance like monkeys in the background. The bat-wielding thug only stops when the cop draws his gun. As the cops retreat to their cars, more stones are thrown at them by the thugs.

And anyone who pulls a baseball bat on a US cop is probably going down on charges to say the least. If I pick up a bat and advance towards a US cop, I'm guilty of a crime, no?I doubt if the cops are going to run away.

Nor do US Blacks, even in our worst ghettos, burn dozens of cars a night, and hundreds on bad nights. They scarcely burn cars at all, at least not as social protest.

These areas have essentially been ceded to a hostile foreign enemy. The Muslims and Blacks rule these places and don't let any government entities in.

In the video, the detectives go with the rape victim to the site of the crime. It's a squat where 10 young Black Muslim men are living. These Blacks are obviously the ones who raped the woman. They probably felt she deserved it for some reason, maybe because she was fair game, maybe because she was dressed like a slut.

The victim can be seen throughout the movie dressed in a red coat. At one point, a detective says, "We are here for her." She's a Caucasian woman in her 20's.

I watched this video with a dropped jaw. The French have created a monster. God help them.

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