Sunday, November 07, 2010

Horrible Injuries and Infections

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This is a series of photos of some terrible injuries and infections that men in the US and UK received.

Aftermath of a horrible injury in which a drunken man impaled his leg on a spiked fence. People have died form getting impaled on spiked fences.

Same injury. That's fat. That's what the fat under your skin looks like. Gross huh?

The first two photos are of an incredible injury that a young man got in a very stupid way. He was trying to climb a fence with some spikes on it while he was drunk. His leg got stuck on a spike! He could go neither forwards nor backwards and was just stuck there for 5 minutes as the spike slowly moved deeper into his leg. It penetrated a full 10 cm. His friend finally pushed his leg up so he could fall off the fence. Don't climb spiked fences while drunk!

The MRSA infection from Hell. Every bit of flesh that this bugger from outer space touched had to be excised, as if it was of the Devil Himself.

This is a photo of a MRSA infection. Nasty huh? A young man got a MRSA infection and was in isolation for a week in the hospital while three different doctors tried to one-up each other trying different antibiotics to kill the bug. They pumped a ton of IV antibiotics into him and he still went septic and every bit of flesh that the MRSA touched had to be excised.

A nail gun fires a nail, and in goes right through 3 of a man's knuckles.

A man's father was working in the shed with a nail gun when a piece of metal hit the safety and set it off, shooting a nail clear through three of his fingers! It actually went right through three of his knuckles. The middle knuckle was shattered completely and the nerve in his index finger was severed.

Screwdriver penetrating a man's foot.

A young man in the UK doesn't really know what happened here. Last thing he saw there was a screwdriver lying flat on the ground, and the next thing he knew the screwdriver was somehow embedded in his foot. He screamed, cried, and vomited when he saw the wound. Then he almost passed out. The strange thing is that it did not even hurt that much. It just ached in a strange way. Too bad they have socialized medicine there so the surgery to remove it was free. Isn't socialism evil?

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